COVID-19 Resources for Clinic Continuity


As we continue to navigate the ever changing COVID-19 landscape, we are realizing the need for flexibility and fluidity. Our industry has been dramatically impacted by the stay at home orders and need for social distancing, so how can you continue to run your clinic and serve your patients?

We understand the apprehension of facing another lockdown and have spent the past eight months building tools to support a seamless transition from in-person to remote treatments. Our COVID features allow your clinic to continue to operate and earn revenue: 

  • Utilize telemedicine to schedule remote treatments and consults to replace in-person treatments. Look at patients’ tongues via telemedicine or photos to prevent and avoid mask removal in person.
  • Communicate changes and updates to your clinic hours and operations via email marketing integration
  • Collect patient payment details when appointments are booked to charge for appointments remotely or enforce no-show and cancellation fees
  • Prescribe (and earn revenue!) directly from Fullscript. Immunity-boosting supplements delivered right to your patients’ door. 
  • Schedule and remind patients to fill out screening forms from the device of their choosing prior to their appointments

See these features in action:

We have put together a guide to implement these in your clinic, as well as provide additional resources and tips to keep your clinic active and thriving.

Other considerations for clinics: 

  • Safety is the number one priority: Ensuring the safety of yourself and others will help stop the spread, create a positive and safe environment and set the tone for your patients on how seriously you are taking COVID-19 and its implications. 
      • Keep yourself safe
      • Keep your staff safe
      • Keep your patients and other clinic visitors safe
  • Develop an action plan: With the landscape ever changing, create solutions (both short and long term) to keep your business moving. 
      • Establish requirements at your practice (how many patients inside at once, how long in between appointments, temperature checks, cleaning procedures)
      • Will you keep the same business hours?
      • Have clear signs and directions for patients and visitors to your practice. Check out these templates here that you can download and print. 
  • Remember to be flexible, fluid, and adaptable: Because of the many unknowns with COVID-19, we are still understanding what we can and cannot do. Being flexible and adaptable is crucial for your business and sanity!
      • Clinic hours may need to be adjusted to accommodate your new rules 
      • Offering additional services that do not rely on in person appointments (telehealth, acupressure training, nutrition). 
  • Connecting and communicating with your patients: Continue connecting and communicating with your patients, even if you can’t see them as frequently as you used to. 
  • Add additional streams of revenue to your clinic: Traditionally, acupuncturists treat their patients by working with them physically, but we want to remind you that your scope of offerings is wider than you think.

With so many things up in the air and regulations changing daily, we need to be vigilant in having a plan to move forward. The first shutdown taught us how to be resilient and an idea of what to expect. We can go into this second wave of COVID with some insight and actionable items to keep life as normal as possible. 

As always, we are a resource for you and are happy to answer any questions or help with any concerns. Please refer to our help center, or speak with our support team.